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When you choose to work with JM Partner Solutions, you gain a valuable partner dedicated to your institution’s success.  Our team of experienced professionals brings a deep understanding of the higher education industry and a track record of delivering tangible results.  We take a collaborative approach, working closely with each client to understand their unique challenges, goals, and vision.  With a focus on personalized solutions, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs, ensuring that our recommendations and strategies align with your organizational culture and objectives. 


By choosing JM Partner Solutions, you can expect exceptional service, a commitment to excellence and a partnership built on trust, integrity, and shared success.  Together, we will drive transformation, achieve sustainable growth, and unlock the full potential of your institution. 

Interim Leadership

JM Partner Solutions provides interim leadership during transitionary times when you have key open enrollment and marketing leadership roles to cover.  Our interims provide flexible leadership staffing solutions that add capacity, fill gaps, and drive growth. 


Here are 4 more scenarios for when to consider interim staffing: 

Organizational restructuring

Our interims navigate complexities and mange transition effectively

Crisis management and critical issues

Our interims bring expertise and experience to lead through challenging times 

Specialized projects and initiatives

Our interims bring expertise and deliver to your timelines 

Change agent and turn-arounds

Our interims effect change quickly and lay the foundation for long-term success

Executive Coaching & Training

At JM Partner Solutions, we understand the critical role that effective leadership plays in driving institutional success.  That’s why we offer comprehensive solutions that are designed to unlock the full potential of your leaders and propel your institution towards success. 


With a personalized approach, we tailor programs to support individual and institutional needs, aligning carefully with institutional strategy and goals.  Our proven track record sets us apart.  The scenarios below represent a range of situations where executive coaching, training, and development can be valuable in fostering leadership development, addressing challenges, and driving institutional success: 

Onboarding and transitions

Change management

Leadership development

Team building

Board development 

Strategic planning

Retreat facilitation


Performance improvement

Succession planning

Vendor Services

JM Partner Solutions specializes in strategic vendor oversight and management for institutions. Serving as a trusted liaison, we facilitate connection between our clients and their vendors, ensuring careful oversight of significant projects like financial aid leveraging, website creation, student search, strategic enrollment planning, and more.  


Our team manages the entire process, from the Request for Proposal (RFP) stage to evaluating current vendors, freeing clients to focus on their core objectives. While we orchestrate vital vendor engagements and ensure compliance with important deadlines, clients can redirect their focus to day-to-day operations, confident that we have their vendor relationships under expert supervision. 


Some of the benefits of working with JM Partner Solutions’ vendor services include:

Expertise and experience

Risk mitigation

Strategic oversight

Cost savings

Time and resource efficiency 

Scalability and flexibility

Value maximization

Conflict resolution 


JM Partner Solutions’ consulting services is your key to driving transformation and achieving success. Our consultants are strong problem-solvers with business acumen who provide professional expertise, advise, and solutions to institutions facing specific challenges or seeking improvement in various areas. 


We offer a wide range of tailored solutions, both short-term and long-term, that includes a variety of audits such as enrollment, communications, operation, campus visit, marketing technology, and more, etc.  In addition, our expertise extends beyond audits to provide implementation support, strategic consulting, advising retainers, and customized engagements based on your unique challenges. 

Our process includes 4 fundamental phases: 

Assessment Phase

Our process starts by understanding your goals, priorities, and challenges 

Strategy Phase

After assessment, we diagnose and provide tailored solutions and recommendations

Implementation Phase

Recommended solutions are executed with planning, guidance, and monitoring 

Evaluation Phase 

After implementation, outcomes are assessed to enhance future performance 

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